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Empowering Mindz operates under the philosophy that alcoholism and other drug dependencies are primary and progressive diseases with unknown etiology.

We believe that the treatment for the disease of addiction must focus on abstinence and must help people learn to deal with the everyday realities of their lives, without the use of alcohol or drugs. 

We believe that no one modality or approach is right for all clients; therefore, we support a person-centered model with individualized treatment planning guidelines that the clients are present incurable but are eminently treatable. 


Empowering Mindz provides an innovative prevention and intervention program which targets specific functioning needs of individuals and families affected by chemical abuse or dependency. The program combines early interventions methodology and addiction education with comprehensive counseling services. 

Empowering Mindz will provide comprehensive substance abuse treatment that is designed to improve the quality of life for individual and families with substance abuse disorders. 


Our mission is to provide strength-based/solution-focused training, counseling, and education services that will empower individuals to maintain sobriety/abstinence, that will produce healing & restoration, confront the prevalent issue that inhibit healthy, productive, stable lifestyles for themselves and their community.

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