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Child and Adolescent Treatment

Empowering Mindz offers individual and group counseling for teens who have been experimenting with substances. Some of the reasons for treatment may include self-referral, referrals by school, parent involvement, or legal issues. Empowering Mindz will assess all concerns. Often substances are used due to experimentation, peer pressure, lack of support, self-medication, performance Improvement, and to feel like an adult. Group topics may include tobacco , alcohol, marijuana, vaping, and other strategies for stopping the use of all substances. 

Intensive Outpatient 

This is a structured treatment program offering treatment three days a week for three hours each day the goal of this program is to help teens with serious substance abuse problems and possible co- occurring mental health issues to accept what they need to do to succeed in life. Intensive outpatient is intended for teens who have had serious family, mental health, social, legal, or school problems, who might not have succeeded in treatment previously or who have had serious addiction issues.


Outpatient/Individual Counseling

Our child and adolescent outpatient services help families and adolescents by evaluation and treatment services across the diagnostic spectrum. We actively work with individuals, other providers, and agencies to help families better understand and treat even the most complicated or behavioral issues.

Our services are family focused. The Adolescent Services are distinguished by its focus on the importance of family involvement in developing effective solutions to adolescence problems.

Outpatient program is the lowest level outpatient care, with the number of days and hours per day based on the client’s clinical needs as well as their personal goals and the goals of the family. Our treatment team will work with the family to build a discharge plan following outpatient programming.

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